Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen

The ultimate of nourishing, restoring and protecting the skin. With BARA's sunscreen protects every pollution from any kind of light.• Creamy white, easy to blend, quick absorbed into the skin, leaving no stains during the day • Paraben and Alcohol Free • SPF protection up to 50 PA ++++ to protect the skin all day long • Protects every light that can damage the skin, UVA / UVB / BLUE LIGHT / INFRARED • Prevent the formation of dark spot caused by sun damaged by maintain skin 's resilience. • Ready to restore damaged skin and deteriorated skin to become stronger

     The ultimate protection and nourishing the skin is BARA sunscreen to protect every light pollution that caused dryness, fatigue, wrinkles, freckles and dullness. Whether natural radiation from sun such as UVA, UVB and Infrared. Also the light that we encounter in daily lives, is Blue Light. It is from the mobile phone, desktop, tablet, laptop or even neon while some of us have to encounter these light pollution for more than 12 hours. That means our skin is being harmed, dried out and encouraged wrinkle formation regularly. The UVTC Block DTCP technology in BARA sunscreen aims to protect against UVB and UVA that caused wrinkles and fine lines as well as reflecting Infrared rays (IRA and IRB ) to prevent skin from dryness dull, sunburn. Also, Pepha-Age technology protects Blue Light radiation, which can penetrate deep into the skin cells deeper than UVA rays. In daily life we tend to face with blue light more than sunlight and it is one of the cause of tiring, dull and premature wrinkly skin. Along with Damask Rose Phyto Placenta Extract will restore damaged skin, inflamed skin and revitalize skin cell reproduction by boosting collagen level. Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen comes with sheer, easy-blending and fast-absorbing formula. It is ideal for busy working day, assuring that your skin will receive a full form of protection and everlasting bright, youthful and healthy-looking skin.

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