Perfection Youth Skin Emulsion

Rejuvenate sensitive skin, moisturise and become stronger under the skin cell layer. • Soft and light gel texture. Having a pleasant scent from rose fragrant. • Quick absorbed into the skin, without feel sticky. • Restoring rough dull skin, back to smooth surface and elasticity with intense hydration.

      Perfection Youth Skin Emulsion is light texture skincare with intense skin nutrients for all skin types. Helps to reduce stress skin, rough, dull and irritated skin caused by stress working, sunlight, pollution or even prohibited cosmetic. Active Scutellaria AO is one of significant active in Perfection Youth Skin Emulsion. It named Happiness Inducting because it is an organic plant base extract that believed to relax stress skin. It helps to relax the skin by using essential oils to reduce the absorption of waste from energy metabolism in the body. With Rose Phyto Placenta Placenta Extract helps to soften and moisturise the skin, especially for damaged skin that after for 2 weeks. The skin feels stronger and look younger. (The result depends on the skin condition of the person)

เพอเฟคเชิน ยูท สกิน อิมัลชั่น ครีมหน้าใส ครีมหน้าขาว ใช้แล้วไม่แพ้ ผิวบอบบางใช้อะไรดี ครีมบาระใช้ดีไหม    ผิวแห้ง ผิวบอบบาง ผิวอักเสบใช้ครีมอะไรดี 

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