Aura Facial Essence

The process of preparing the skin to be ready to receive effective skin nutrients. • Clear essence water. Having a pleasant scent from rose fragrant. • Quick absorbed into the skin, Store moisture lasting overnight without feel sticky. • Helps nourish the skin smooth and firm and looks natural radiant. • Suitable for all skin types. Especially dry skin that requires special care.

      Grow aura skin with BARA's water essence that combines multi extract boost hydration. Also provide intense care to damaged skin. Damask Rose Phyto Placenta Extract as known in the skincare world, is high property skincare benefits. Its natural exfoliating and brightening is more gentle and effective than Vitamin A. It has anti-oxidant that Vitamin C. Reviving dull skin by boosting collagen. Combining with Pentavitin, a natural extract soothe and moisturise skin for 72 hours without feeling sticky. Then, CosmelenaContellaAsiatica which is a natural extract, is one of main significant ingredient. Its antioxidant is richer than Vitamin E five times. This natural extract is rapid diminish appearance of hyperpigmentation, scar and dark circle on both eyes. It also helps to reduce inflammation and heal wounds by creating new cells, making the scar smaller, which has the effect of inhibiting the formation of keloid. Apply Aura Facial Essence in the morning and evening. It supplies skin with long-lasting moisture overnight. When using Aura Facial Essence regularly you will see a remarkable change on your skin.

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