Six benefits from natural rose

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Six benefits from natural rose

Today, roses have been used as an important ingredient in beauty products. Because there are many features Especially the restoration and strengthening of the facial skin

Benefit 1 is an antibacterial drug. Rose has properties to help treat acne and heal acne-prone skin. Helps reduce acne inflammation

Benefit No. 2 helps reduce irritation. Can help reduce spots that are swollen or red on the skin, inflammation from sunlight, dryness or irritation Make the skin feel more comfortable

Benefits 3 antioxidants Roses contain powerful antioxidants. Helps protect skin cells from damage such as prolonged exposure to sunlight And helps prevent sunburn

Benefit No. 4 provides moisture Helps moisturize the skin under the skin, making the skin smooth and soft. Into the skin, making the skin feel smooth Especially girls with sensitive skin, dryness

Benefit No. 5 provides relaxation Fragrance of roses Add a sense of calm and help relax the mind.

Benefit 6, tighten the skin Is a natural extract that helps to tighten pores and restore softness to the skin no longer dry.

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